Where to Buy a Freeze Dryer: Complete Buyer’s Guide

By Kimberly


Before purchasing a freeze dryer (an expensive product and therefore a large investment), it’s important to know a reliable place to buy it from. There are certainly bad shops you want to avoid, and in today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the best places to buy a freeze dryer, so we can avoid the worst.

The best place to buy a freeze dryer is directly from the manufacturer’s website. That way, a warranty will be included, there’s a guarantee the machine wasn’t tampered with by anyone (even by accident), and buyers can get additional information from customer service.

If you’re in the market for a freeze dryer, Harvest Right is the best brand and way to go. So, let’s dig into the various places that are great to buy a freeze dryer, focusing on Harvest Right.

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Best Places to Buy a Home Freeze-Dryer

When buying a freeze dryer, buyers have three options or places from which to buy their new unit.

  • Online stores.
  • Physical (in-person) stores.
  • Telephone sales (usually from the manufacturer or another physical store).

In my opinion, the absolute best place to buy a home freeze dryer is Harvest Right. We’ve had a medium-sized Harvest Right unit for more than 5 years, and it’s still going strong. You can check out their current online sales and promotions via this link.

Let’s discuss each of these options in detail.

Option #1: Best online stores

The best sites to buy a freeze dryer from are the manufacturer’s official website (HarvestRight.com), Amazon, or authorized resellers. Authorized sites will usually be able to offer the warranty and/or support.

Online stores are easily the best option for several reasons – you can get all the information about the products, installation, and usage online. You also have all the necessary information about warranties and customer support, as well as means of shipping.

You get all the same when you buy a freeze dryer in person, but buying it online takes less effort (and it’s more comfortable since you’re sitting on a couch).

Many online stores (taking Harvest Right as an example) have sections of their websites devoted to all the different benefits of using freeze dryers, explaining how to freeze dry, how it affects nutrition, and all other additional info you may need.

You can also find all info on financing programs and means of payment on websites. Also, when buying from a website, you can compare many different models on the spot, while the same may not apply when buying a freeze dryer in person.

Option #2: Best in-person stores

To find a local Harvest Right reseller to buy in person, use this link: https://harvestright.com/find-us/. Buyers can also find freeze dryers in hardware stores like Home Depot. Hardware stores not only sell Harvest Right freeze dryers but also freeze dryers from other manufacturers.

Buying a freeze dryer in person gives you a better sense of how big it is, while you can also get hands-on advice from the professionals working at the store. When it comes to Harvest Right, they have hundreds, or possibly even more stores (they keep popping up every day) and authorized resellers across the USA and Canada.

There are also general and big-box stores that sell home freeze dryers. For example, Walmart sells Harvest Right freeze dryers.

Option #3: Buying over the phone

Whether purchasing from Harvest Right, Millrock Technology, Kemolo, or another manufacturer of freeze dryers – they all have sales departments that conduct business over the phone. For some of these sellers, a phone call is the only way to access their layaway programs.

If you’d like to learn more about Harvest Right’s layaway program, I’ve got details here: Can You Make Payments on a Freeze Dryer? Buyer’s Guide.

This method of shopping is usually considered a bit outdated, but you can still get all the necessary information about freeze dryers on the phone by talking to a company salesman.

However, we have to point out that finding information online is much easier, as it’s all available on company websites. All you have to do is click.

Where Can You Buy a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer?

The best place to buy a Harvest Right freeze dryer is on their official website. Not only do buyers have access to current sales and promotions, but buyers also get a warranty and support included in the price.

Ready to shop for a Harvest Right freeze-dryer? I use and recommend the medium-sized unit. Click here to shop for current promotions and sale prices.

When buying from resellers, those terms may change as they’re affected by the relationship between the manufacturer and the reseller. For example, a reseller might charge more for shipping, or they might not include a warranty in the package. Resellers may also not offer the same prices as the manufacturer.

The website also has a pre-made FAQ about pricing and financing, so you can get all information beforehand.

Another advantage of buying a Harvest Right freeze dryer on their website is all the information about the dryer itself. It’s highly unlikely that an employee at Home Depot knows more about freeze dryers than the FAQ and blog sections of Harvest Right’s website, which their engineers write.

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Best Places to Buy a Commercial Freeze-Dryer

The best places to buy commercial freeze-dryers are usually in-person (usually over the phone) or online shopping. Often, the actual purchase may still need to be made in person (usually over the phone).

Commercial freeze dryers are much easier to find than industrial or laboratory freeze dryers as they’re made for the service industry and some manufacturing sectors. Unlike laboratory freeze dryers, they usually don’t need drying at such high speeds, which is the biggest difference between the two.

Note: Harvest Right does sell commercial, lab-grade, and scientific freeze-dryers. They’re a solid place to start, but they aren’t the only option. You can read more about Who Manufactures Freeze Dryers? Questions Answered in my article there.

Option #1: In Person

The best places to buy a commercial freeze dryers in person are either directly from the physical stores of the manufacturers, or in person at various appliance stores, which are usually authorized resellers of freeze dryers.

However, manufacturers usually sell their products online or through resellers, so a manufacturer having a physical store is rare.

Option #2: Online

When buying online, it’s best to buy directly from the manufacturer of the freeze dryer. Not only does this guarantee that buyers get a tested, working product, but buyers often get a warranty in addition to support.

You can also get freeze dryers from resellers’ websites and internet sale websites like Amazon.

Lastly, don’t forget about finding a used freeze dryer on craigstlist.org or other similar classified-based websites. There are plenty of used and well-kept freeze dryers out there that you can get for half the price. However, be very careful when buying any machine that was already used. Make sure to test it and see if it works properly before actually buying it.

Best Places to Buy a Pharmaceutical or Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Most pharmaceutical or laboratory-grade freeze-dryers have to be purchased from licensed manufacturers. These sales often need to be done over the phone or in person with an equipment salesman, though those can be found online. Some options are also available online at places like Amazon.

Pharmaceutical freeze dryers are more advanced than everyday commercial freeze dryers, which is why they’re more expensive. Additionally, they’re more difficult to find as they’re aimed at a smaller market and there’s likely liability insurance built into the pricing models.

You can read more about Who Manufactures Freeze Dryers? Questions Answered at that link – I wrote that article, and it’s full of great info.

Option #1: Online

It’s always best to buy directly from the manufacturer, and many companies list their products online to view, although not all list prices online.

Scientific freeze dryers can cost upwards of $7000 (source), while pharmaceutical freeze dryers often exceed $4000 (source). Since these freeze dryers are such massive investments, it pays off to speak directly with the manufacturers and get all advice beforehand.

Also, since it’s such a large amount of money in question, you don’t want to lose your warranty, which can happen if you buy through resellers.

Option #2: In Person

If possible, buy directly from the manufacturer’s store. However, since most manufacturers sell through resellers (physically), buyers are most likely not close to one of the very few manufacturer’s stores or authorized resellers.

In that case, think about buying online – it’s easier than buying in person. If you insist on buying in person, get all the information about the warranty before paying for anything.

However, you likely won’t get the manufacturers’ expertise when shopping at an appliance store.

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Where Should You NOT Buy a Freeze-Dryer From?

Never buy a freeze-dryer that isn’t sold by a reputable brand or any location that could have tampered with the device. Most companies vet their authorized resellers extensively, so they may be safe. However, used units sold elsewhere may not have been re-tested by the manufacturer for issues.

  1. Don’t buy freeze dryers from companies that lack certifications or a valid history of quality assurance.
  2. Consider skipping off-brand machines or knock-offs, especially if they violate the rule above.
  3. Be wary of buying freeze-dryers that come from locations where the unit could have been tampered with or damaged, even by accident.

First, don’t buy freeze dryers from manufacturers that don’t have the necessary certifications. Most manufacturers have this information posted on their websites, explaining how they designed, built, and tested their freeze dryers.

Secondly, many websites are known for selling off-brand machines, clothes, furniture, and more. Don’t ever buy anything from these websites, especially not a very complex piece of equipment, as you’re likely buying a fake product, and you won’t be getting a refund.

This type of website can’t hurt when buying something minor, like a piece of clothing, but it’d be smart to steer clear from them when buying expensive equipment.

It would also be best to avoid pawn shops. Although they can be a goldmine for trinkets, they’re usually not a great place to shop for advanced machinery.

Where Can You Buy a Used Freeze Dryer?

Used freeze-dryers can be purchased from previous owners, or sometimes the manufacturer will have returned units refurbished for sale.

Places like Craigslist are great for buying more or less anything, but there are more specialized online stores for used electronics, such as EquipNet.com; you can also find used freeze dryers on eBay and Amazon.

You can also use Facebook Marketplace or specialty groups to find used freeze dryers, but most people will list them in specialized stores because that’s where most people will be looking.

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Next Steps

Whichever freeze dryer model you choose, be sure you’re getting it from a trustworthy source. The only place where you’re guaranteed complete satisfaction is the manufacturer’s store or their website, so that’s where I’d buy if it were up to me.

Used freeze dryers can also be worth your while, but it’s imperative to check them before buying and be sure they’re working well. Lastly, always avoid websites that sell off-brand equipment and sketchy manufacturers.

I’d recommend that anyone stick with buying any freeze-dryer or heavy equipment directly from the manufacturer. And if you’re ready to shop for a Harvest Right, you can use this link to shop current sales.

Or, if you’d rather get some more quality reading before shopping, here are some articles I wrote to help you get that research bug itch scratched.

They’re all great articles, packed full of helpful information. My goal is always to provide helpful information, so let me know if you don’t find the answers you need. Enjoy!

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