Who Manufactures Freeze Dryers? Questions Answered

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Freeze-drying has existed for over a century as a method of food preservation. Nowadays, the freeze-drying method has seen a spike in popularity due to the advancements in these appliances that make it possible to explore the world of freeze-drying from the convenience of your home. The growing interest in freeze-drying has led to the increase in complexity and availability of these machines. But who exactly makes freeze dryers and where can you find them?

Harvest Right is the go-to, established company that sells freeze-dryers to normal people for at-home freeze-drying use. Other companies, like Parker Freeze Dry and Hudson Valley Lyomac, manufacture freeze dryers for commercial, pharmaceutical, or other uses.

Each of these manufacturers makes appliances that appeal to a specific consumer. Let’s take a closer look at these companies and how their freeze dryer models might be of use to you.

An image of Harvest Right freeze-dryer and the vacuum pump connected to it.
Image: my Harvest Right freeze dryer with the door open.

This Is Who Makes Freeze Dryers

There are a lot of companies that manufacture and/or sell freeze dryers. Many of them are offshore and their products must be imported. Those brands typically focus on pharmaceuticals or commercial purposes and do not sell directly to consumers, or their prices are so high that most regular people don’t bother buying them. Here are three US-based companies that make freeze-dryers, although only one of them sells directly to customers for at-home freeze-drying.

  • Harvest Right makes freeze dryers for homes, pharmaceuticals, and companies. They are the go-to name brand for at-home freeze-drying and sell nationwide to us normal folk.
  • Hudson Valley Lyomac makes freeze dryers for medical, military, pharmaceutical, food-processing groups, and companies.
  • Parker Freeze Dry has five models of freeze dryers that they sell commercially for scientific and food processing purposes.

Historically, freeze dryers were not considered household appliances. They were large, industrial machines built for scientific and commercial purposes. However, as more information is made available surrounding the benefits of freeze-dried food, more people are gravitating to exploring at-home freeze-drying options.

Currently, there is only one established company that makes home freeze dryers in the USA, Harvest Right. Harvest Right offers three freeze dryer models, small, medium, and large. Each of these options is available at a different price point and in multiple colors. The models differ in terms of the amount of freeze-dried food they are capable of producing both per batch and per year.

This makes Harvest Right ideal if you are a hobbyist interested in experimenting with small-batch projects or an entrepreneur who is hoping to start their own business involving freeze-dried items.

Pro tip: if you don’t have an extra washing machine plug (a dedicated 20 amp, 110-volt outlet), the largest freeze dryer you can buy is the medium. We have the medium, and it’s plenty big for our family of 6.

Although Harvest Right is best known for its home freeze dryers, they do also manufacture and sell pharmaceutical and commercial machines.

In addition to selling a wide range of freeze dryers, Harvest Right also provides in-depth information on their products as well as the general benefits of freeze-drying.

Why would you want to buy a home freeze dryer? Harvest Right outlines how freeze-dried food lasts much longer than other methods of food preservation and the food maintains almost all of its nutritional value in the process.

Or, you know. If you don’t want to read the company’s reasons, then I’ve outlined why we real people like having a freeze dryer, and if it’s worth it. Here’s what I think about the question, Is a Home Freeze Dryer Worth it? How to Know!

In addition, the appliances have multiple uses outside of the kitchen. Freeze dryers are used for a myriad of personal purposes, including gardening, emergency preparedness, outdoor activities, and even pet food!

Not only does Harvest Right manufacture freeze dryers, but they have created a community of users who openly share their experiences with freeze-drying. Their website is jam-packed with information regarding different projects that Harvest Right users have taken on.

Harvest Right is a great place to start considering their freeze dryers come with all the equipment needed to begin your exploration. Their devices come with a freeze dryer, a premier pump, a vacuum pump, oil, an oil filter, a set of three stainless steel trays, a guide to freeze-drying, mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, and an impulse sealer. All of their freeze dryers come with a three-year limited warranty.

Want to know how much keeping and running a freeze dryer costs? Gotcha covered in this article: How Much It Costs To Run A Freeze Dryer: The Complete Guide.

Are you new to the idea of freeze-drying and not sure if you want to commit without at least knowing what freeze-dried food tastes like? Harvest Right will send you a free sample of freeze-dried food so you can experience firsthand what the possibilities of at-home freeze-drying taste like.

The samples are frequently out of stock, especially with the crazy supply line issues we’re having right now. So, if they’re available, jump on them quickly!

Note: there are other companies that make freeze dryers, and I talk about others (like Labconco) in this article here: Comparing Freeze Dryers Brands: which is best (Harvest Right).

Is Harvest Right Made in the USA?

Harvest Right designs, engineers, tests, and builds all their freeze dryers in the USA. Their headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah.

An image of downtown Salt Lake City.
An image of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

Where is Harvest Right Located?

The Harvest Right headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, their freeze dryers are available in multiple retail stores across North America. I’ve seen Harvest Right freeze dryers for sale in local feed stores, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and other retail stores.

The Harvest Right headquarters aren’t visible in the above photo, as it’s not in this part of downtown. It would be off to the right. But it was a really pretty picture, so I wanted to share it!

Who Manufactures Scientific Freeze Dryers?

Scientific freeze dryers are manufactured by multiple companies worldwide, with two of the main and most notable US-based companies being Hudson Valley Lyomac and Parker Freeze Dry.

Freeze dryers have been recognized not only for their use in food preservation but also for their value to the scientific community. In World War II, freeze dryers were used to preserve blood serum for those wounded during the battle. In the pharmaceutical realm, freeze dryers are used to help preserve vaccines, cells and tissues, hormones, and much more. Who manufactures these kinds of freeze dryers in the US?

One of the oldest manufacturers of scientific freeze dryers is Hudson Valley Lyomac. Established in 1980, the company started out by selling its freeze dryers to the military and healthcare sectors. Since then, they have expanded their clientele to encompass pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and food processing groups.

They are located in Columbia County, New York where they sell several models of freeze dryers, all of which are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Another reputable manufacturer is Parker Freeze Dry. Parker Freeze Dry first opened its doors in 2006, after a lengthy period of designing and testing freeze dryer models that could process a higher volume of freeze-dried materials, while remaining efficient.

Parker Freeze Dry is located in Winsted, Minnesota, and has five models of freeze dryers that they sell commercially for scientific and food processing purposes. What’s more, is that many of their products are customizable to meet consumers’ needs and specifications.

An image of a medium-sized black Harvest Right freeze dryer on a cart in a utility room

Key Takeaways and Next Steps

Although freeze dryers are not yet considered a common household appliance, these are three great options for freeze dryer manufacturers in the USA. Want to try your hand at freeze-drying? Harvest Right is a place where you can start small and experiment at home.

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