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About Backyard Homestead HQ

Backyard Homestead HQ is a fun, educational website and online resource that details homesteading in your backyard. Because even if your backyard isn’t huge, you can still make it your own slice of homesteading heaven. That’s why this is your backyard homestead headquarters – and we’re here to provide you the information we’ve learned along our own path.

We help you have fun homesteading in your backyard – by giving you answers and information so you can enjoy your time with your family outside.

Our Story

Hello, fellow backyard homesteaders – I’m Kimberly. Thanks for visiting!

We didn’t start out as backyard homesteaders… we started out wanting a garden. Then we added in chickens. And before you know it, here we were – building our own suburban backyard homestead.

Both my husband and I come from families that enjoy gardening, although on varying levels. My parents had a small backyard garden in grow boxes. Of course, I grew up in Arizona, so the growing season is kind of crazy.

My husband’s family gardens, too. They grow some amazing fruits and veggies that they use and store for later.

Now we live in Kaysville, Utah – where we’re raising our four kids, a dog, a cat, chickens, and we have plans to expand our backyard homestead.

In order to keep all of this information free and available, we do use ads on this site. So the ads aren’t there to spite you, I promise. They’re there to help us be able to take on the next project – which we’ll share with you right here for free.

All of the links, products, and companies that we recommend on this site are ones we’ve used and trust. If, for any reason, you’ve got a problem with them, feel free to email us. We’ll look into it and remove the link if need be.

We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together here. Please let us know if you’ve got any questions, comments, or concerns – we’d love to know ways we can improve this website and online resource.

We aren’t experts by any stretch – but we’re learning, adapting, and sharing what we’re learning right here on Backyard Homestead HQ. So if we’ve helped you in any way, we’d especially love to hear and share that!

Thanks for stopping by!


Our Team

Greg and Kimberly are a husband-and-wife dynamic duo – and the rest of our team is comprised of our kids, pets, and animals.

Our 4 kids are amazing – we have 3 boys and then our youngest is a girl. They are each vibrant individuals who love helping with various aspects of our backyard homestead.

  • Our oldest doesn’t love mucking out the chicken coop, but he’s diligent about letting the chickens out to forage each day (even when it’s not his assigned contribution for that week).
  • Our second oldest boy loves roaming the garden any time of year – especially during the summer when he can snack on raspberries and vegetables.
  • Our third boy loves holding and hugging our animals – especially the chickens. He’s also an expert egg collector – and has mastered not breaking (too many) of them.
  • Our daughter loves being outside with any and all of her brothers. She loves animals and eating fresh, backyard grown food during the warmer months. During the colder months, she still loves being outside – and seeing our animals.

Our Audience is Growing

As of yet, Backyard Homestead HQ is still a work in progress – and it’s still growing. But it is growing – and we’d love you to grow along with us. The best way to do that is to do two things.

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