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The Best Downloads and Printables for Backyard Homesteading

When you’re trying to figure out and manage a successful backyard homestead, having some handy downloads, worksheets, or printables can really help. They’re especially handy because they’re usually pretty easy to get – but which are the best?

The best backyard-sized homesteading downloads are can be obtained across a variety of websites and Pinterest boards. Many of the free-to-immediately-download pages are basic, while the absolute best can be obtained by subscribing to a newsletter.

And, in fact, we’ve got downloads for you, too. They are totally free – but they are exclusively for our newsletter subscribers. But – the newsletter (full of updates and awesome research-based findings) is also 100% free.

Exclusive Downloads (free to newsletter subscribers)

We have a growing library of free downloads – that are available exclusively to our newsletter subscribers via a subscriber library.

Already subscribed? Access the subscriber-exclusive library by clicking here – just remember to enter the password (that we emailed you) in order to sign in!

Here are some of the exclusive downloads available only to our newsletter subscribers:

  • Freeze Drying Foods Cheat Sheet
  • Goat Milking Log
  • Chicken Feed Log (perfect for commercial-feed free diets!)
  • More coming soon!

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