Why are Freeze Dryers So Expensive? Are They Worth it?

By Backyard Homestead HQ

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Most freeze-dryers are for commercial, scientific, or lab use.  Only a few are for home use.

Freeze dryers can cost several thousand dollars or more.

Due to parts, labor, and overhead costs, these units reasonably cost $1,060 or more. In any case, they’re just expensive in general. Some are prohibitively expensive – others are just kinda expensive – but totally a manageable price if you can save up for them.


Vacuum controller

Vacuum pump oil-based

(with oil filter, oil, etc)

$100 – $1650+

$150 – $1000+

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Here are common price ranges for the various parts

Freeze Dryer Components

Price Range

Vacuum pump, oil-free

$210 – $600+


$60+ each

Freeze dryer casing – stainless steel

$500 – $700

(estimates based on wall-mounted cabinets)

Miscellaneous parts

(screws, hardware)



(design, manufacture, assembly, etc)





(to control the temperature, vacuum, et al.)



$1060 – $4050+


So what's the Best and Most Recommended Freeze Dryers on the Market

Based on the information I’ve found so far, I’ve concluded that the best freeze dryer on the market are all from Harvest Right and they’ve got 3 basic sizes they offer to the general public for home use.


More information  about the  Harvet Right models

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Harvest Right has 3 model sizes that can be considered upon purchase – Small, Medium, Large

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The capacity of Fresh Food can accommodate 4-16 pounds depending in the size chosen.

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The capacity of Freeze-Dried Food can accommodate 1 – 1.5 gallons, 1.5 – 2.5 gallons and 2 – 3.5 gallons

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It has a 3-year limited warranty

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Color options are as follows: Blue, Black, Red, White, Stainless Steel

Are Freeze Dryers Worth it?

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Freeze dryers are worth the costs for those who want to pick and choose which foods they want to store.

Freeze dryers are the only way to build food storage full of shelf-stable foods.

Freeze dryer gives you the peace of mind in every food preparation dilemma.

Freeze dryers saves you the time and effort since all the food you're supposed to store will always be available (and usable).

Yes, you can make your own freeze dryer. There are some YouTube videos that we recommend on how to  make your own freeze dryers! Would I make my own? Um, no.

Can You Make Your Own Freeze Dryer?