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  • What Do Llamas Eat for Treats? 9 to Use and 9 to Avoid

    What Do Llamas Eat for Treats? 9 to Use and 9 to Avoid

    Taking care of animals can be hard work. One of the best ways to keep them healthy, happy, and occupied is to create a diet full of yummy and wholesome treats. We’ve been doing research on how to curate the perfect diet for your llama, including foods they’ll love and what you should avoid. Ideal […]

  • All The Sounds a Llama Makes and Their Meaning

    All The Sounds a Llama Makes and Their Meaning

    Llamas were domesticated around 4,500 BC, and since then, humans have had plenty of time to observe and record all their adorable and often quirky behavior. The sounds they make depend on the social context and environment, which are far from fixed, even for domesticated llamas. Here’s a shortlist of all the other sounds you […]

  • Do Llamas Make Good Pets?

    While llama fiber isn’t quite at the same level as alpacas, it can still be quite beautiful. And llamas are an interestingly increasingly popular pet of choice, especially for backyard homesteaders. So can llamas be good pets for everyone? Llamas can be great pets due to their calm, social, and easily trained nature, though they […]

  • Can Alpacas And Llamas Eat Kudzu?

    Alpacas and llamas are becoming increasingly popular across the US. This is not just as livestock, where alpacas, in particular, are kept for their super soft wool, but also as pets! If you want to join the ever-increasing numbers of alpaca and llama owners, there’s quite a bit you need to know about what they […]

  • How Much Water Do Alpacas And Llamas Drink A Day?

    Alpacas and llamas are being increasingly kept across the US. Alpacas are known for being fluffy friendly animals, while their larger camelid cousins the llamas have something of a reputation for spitting at people! Camelids drink between 2-5 gallons per day. Alpacas and llamas may drink more water in extreme weather, when young and growing […]

  • Alpacas, Llamas, And Predators: The Complete Guide

    While alpacas and llamas are great pets who can be great guard animals, they are right in the middle of the food chain. This means that they are still vulnerable to predator attacks. So let’s talk about alpacas, llamas, and predators you need to worry about in depth. Alpacas and llamas can protect themselves and […]

  • What Do Alpacas And Llamas Eat?

    Llamas and alpacas are becoming increasingly popular animals to keep here in the USA. Native to South America, these camelids are mild-mannered and relatively easy to keep. So if you’re considering llamas or alpacas for your homestead, the first thing you need to know about them is what they like to eat. Llamas and alpacas […]

  • How Long Do Alpacas and Llamas Live?

    Alpacas and Llamas are domesticated camelid mammals from South America. Camelids are known as camels without humps, and there are four kinds of them. Alpacas and llamas are the domesticated camelids and the guanacos and vicunas are not domesticated.  Alpacas and llamas live generally for 15-20 years. The oldest known alpaca lived to 28 years, […]

  • Are Alpacas and Llamas Ruminants?

    Alpacas and llamas are becoming increasingly kept animals across the US, not least because of their friendly natures, cute appearances, and super soft wool! The two species have important similarities and differences that make them easy to tell apart. But what about on the inside? Are llamas and alpacas both ruminants? Alpacas and llamas are […]

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Grooming Llamas: a Complete Guide

    Thinking about getting a llama or two? If you do, there are some things to know about grooming them. While they’re not as high maintenance as other animals, they still need plenty of care to ensure their well-being. In general, llamas need occasional brushing, regular shearing, and regular checks on their ears and teeth. Llamas […]

  • Alpacas and Llamas: Which is Better, Friendlier, Kinder, etc?

    Alpacas and Llamas: Which is Better, Friendlier, Kinder, etc?

    Llamas and alpacas have become increasingly popular in the last decade. They are becoming an in-demand pet option for those who have enough space to house these magnificent animals. The fluffy docile giants, llamas, and their cousins, alpacas offer many advantages beyond just being pets. At first look, these animals may look the same, but […]

  • Llamas: the Right Way to Approach and Interact with Them

    Whether you’re keeping your llamas as livestock, to guard your livestock, or as a family pet (no matter where they live), it’s important to know the right way to interact and treat your llamas. That way, they can be happy, healthy, and good additions to any backyard homestead or farm. In general, the best way […]