Can a Hand Saw Cut Plywood?

When I’m building something “quick,” it never fails – I need to cut some plywood after I’ve put the power tools away. The first few times, I sighed before lugging the circular saw or table saw back out. But then I thought of something far more portable – and still out with my tools. Can I cut plywood with a hand saw?

Hand saws can be used to cut plywood safely and effectively in most projects. Hand saws like the Japanese saw, Coping saw, crosscut saw, rip saw, and keyhole saw all have different purposes in cutting plywood in any of the most common DIY projects.

Ready to talk about cutting plywood the easier, more effective, and safer way? Let’s save you the learning curve I had to handle. Let’s do this.

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Handsaws Can Cut Plywood

A hand saw is one of the integral tools without which the woodworking toolbox is incomplete. It is an effective tool to cut different woods, including various types of Plywood. However, cutting wood can refer to a wide variety of jobs, including sawing through plywood or cutting a clean hole in a wood sheet, so it is essential to choose the right type of hand saw for the right job.

Along with choosing the right tool, it is important to choose the precise characteristics of the tools well. For instance, the hand saw’s teeth contour, and shape teeth-per-inch (TPI)should be selected considering the specific task to be carried out. These considerations are not absolutely necessary since any hand saw can cut a piece of wood, but these measures will ensure optimal performance with minimal effort.

What Saw is Best for Cutting Plywood?

There is no one best saw for cutting plywood. As mentioned above, it is possible that a particular saw works perfectly for one explicit task but fails to deliver the same output for another.

This is why, the two criteria of saw type and its characteristics, should be considered while choosing the tool. Table 1 below provides a brief summary of different types of hand saws and what they’re best used for.

Hand Saw TypesBest Used For
Japanese Saw1. Cutting planks, making patterns and curves in the plywood.
2. Woodwork involving moderate-level heavy-duty ripping and crosscutting.
Coping Saw1. Operations on plywood with up to one-fourth of an inch thickness.
2. Making precise and intricate cuts as well as cutting joints.
Tenon Saw1. Making mortise and tenon joints.
2. Cutting angled portion of a miter and dovetail joint.
Crosscut Saw1. Best for woodwork that involves cutting the wood grain across the plywood instead of cutting along it.
Rip Saw1. Making less intricate and rough cuts
2. Woodwork involves cutting the wood grain along the plywood.
Keyhole Saw1. Poking holes and cutting small traced-out shapes in
2. Tasks without a lot of space.
Table 1: Types of Hand saws and their uses

The most important characteristic to consider, when deciding on a saw, is Teeth-per-inch (TPI).

If you’re working on a project which requires fine and detailed cuts then you should consider saws with a higher TPI count, such as a Coping saw. On the other hand, if you’re using saws to prune branches or to perform other less precise tasks then a saw with less TPI should be preferred. Normally, blades with four to seven TPI should give out clean cuts.

However, the key point to note here is that there is a tradeoff between precision and speed. With high TPI, you will get more precise cuts but the finer blade will get the job done in a gradual manner. Similarly, a low TPI blade has wide gaps between the teeth which help in tearing out more wood with a single stroke, but the end result will not be clean.

How Do You Cut Plywood by Hand?

Following are the main steps that will help you cut plywood with ease and without any tear-outs or splinters.

Step 1: Mark the Cut

Make a mark on the plywood where you want to make the cut. This will serve as a reference when you start sawing.

Step 2: Clamp the plywood

Next, clamp your plywood on a flat surface structure so that it does not waver while cutting. Wobbling plywood may cause splinters and uneven edges.

Step 3: Carve a notch

Use your thumb as a reference and make a notch on the marked line. This will create an indentation to help you start the cutting process.

Step 4: Make the cut

Place your blade on the indentation and start cutting with a smooth and periodic sawing motion. Gradually apply gentle pressure with each stroke to cut through and make sure your saw remains at an acute angle with the plywood to avoid breaking the back of it. Once you are at the end of your mark, hold the cutting portion so that it does not break off as you complete the cut.

How Do You Cut Plywood Straight with a Hand Saw?

The aforementioned four steps will help you make any kind of cut but the principal thing to consider while making a straight cut is that you should hold your body correctly in relation to the hand saw. Your shoulder should be aligned with your hand because if it is at an angle then your saw will not point in the straight direction which will result in an angled cut.

After correcting your posture, start the saw with a pull and let the weight of the saw cut through the plywood. With your aligned body, follow along with the plywood and you will end up with a nice and clean straight cut.

What Can I Use to Cut Plywood?

Woodworking tasks that involve plywood usually require it to be cut down to the right shape and size. Along with a hand saw, there are many tools that can be used to cut plywood, including a circular saw and jig saw.

A circular saw, as the name implies, uses a circular blade to do the sawing. However, the problem with a circular saw is that its bulky shape may block the field of vision and for beginners, this might cause them to make errors while cutting a straight line. Moreover, circular saw rotates at 120 mph and if they are not used carefully then serious damage can be done.

A Jigsaw is another useful tool that can be used to cut plywood. If the woodworking task is to cut the plywood into intricate designs then there is no better option than a jig saw. The important thing to note with a jig saw is that before you start sawing, you should check if the length of the jig saw cord is at least equal to the length of the cut you are making because a shorter cord will mean that you will not be able to complete the required cut.

Final Thoughts on Cutting Plywood with a Hand Saw

Now, having the right hand saw for the job really makes a huge difference in how easily you can get the job done. Was I able to get the job done with a hacksaw and drywall saw as shown in the earlier picture? Well, not very well. But once I got out the right-hand saw for the cut, it went a whole lot faster – and easier.

It’s still not quite as easy as using a circular saw, but it’s sure a lot nicer than lugging out an extra tool when it’s a quick cut.

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