How to Keep a Chicken Coop Cool in the Summer

By Backyard Homestead HQ

When it's summer and hot and your chickens are panting and spreading their wings in the coop, the coop roof is too hot to touch without getting burned and you're worried about the heat, it's normal to wonder: how can we keep the chicken coop cool in the summer?


Increase the ventilation  in your coop

Make sure windows are lined with hardware cloth or some other predator-proof fencing along the inside.


Check and/or adjust the coop’s insulation

You may want to add building-grade, chicken-safe-and-proof insulation to the coop.


Check the coop’s roofing material

You may want to opt for a roof that reflects rather than retains heat unless you need that roof for cold winters.

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Add shade to the coop and/or run

Don’t use a tarp. Get a shade sail or a canopy instead.


You can keep a mister set on low that helps cool down the coop and the run by a significant amount.

Add a coop-specific water mister



Just make sure your chickens don’t try to inspect it too closely – keep it in an area they can’t get to.

Install a box fan

Install a box fan



Change the run flooring material as needed.

Keep the attached run floor insulated and cool


Ready to help keep your chickens and their coop cool enough to survive even a crazy hot summer? Let’s skip the part where the chickens are panting and spreading out their wings to stay cool in their coop. And let’s make sure the coop are summer-proofed.