10 Ways to Keep Chickens Out of Flower Beds and Gardens

By Backyard Homestead HQ

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What are the ways to keep chickens out of flower beds and gardens that actually work?

Terrain Map
Terrain Map

Here are natural, safe, and effective ways to keep your chickens and your flower garden separate.

Use natural landscaping (rocks or bricks) to deter chickens.

A few little rocks won’t do. After all, chickens do eat rocks. But if you’re using gravel paths to line the edge of the flower bed? That may deter them to some degree.

Tip 1


Use physical distancing to keep the coop far away.

If they can’t see your flower bed in the first place, then they wouldn’t even think of going near it to wreak havoc on it.

Tip 2

Get rid of tasty bugs your chickens want to eat.

Chickens will chase tasty bugs, so do your best to keep tasty bugs close to the coop and far away from your garden. That's good gardening.

Tip 3

Get a trained guard dog, or train your own dog.

Training your dog or getting an already trained one to keep them out of your flower bed is a great way to stop your chickens from destroying your flower bed.

Tip 4

Install a motion sensor sprinkler.

Tip 5

Installing a water sprinkler is a great option to keep them away from your flower garden. They are super convenient, save you the stress of having to use a water hose or spray bottle each time you want to keep them away, and are relatively inexpensive to acquire.

Be your own security.

Tip 6

Maybe not the most likable tip on this list, but it is a viable one when you’re less busy and have the time.

Now, there are important things mentioned in each of the tips when we go into detail that you wouldn’t miss out on and should consider when planting their flower bed or buying an animal repellent device.