An image of an old horned bearded white goat looking through the camera on a field.

Can Goats Eat Kudzu?

If you’ve had the privilege of being acquainted with goats, you’ll be familiar with their gluttonous habits. Goats are known … Read more

An image of a sheep with a blurry background.

Can Sheep Eat Kudzu?

It’s no secret that sheep enjoy their feed of seeds, grass, and plants. As herbivores, it’s only natural that you’d … Read more

An image of Brahma and Marans chicken walking in a garden.

Can Chickens Eat Kudzu?

Kudzu, also known as Japanese arrowroot, is a drought-resistant perennial legume that grows by climbing and coiling over other plants … Read more

An image of a House Covered in Ivy vines.

Can Pigs Eat Kudzu?

Pigs are omnivores which means that they can enjoy eating a variety of different things. And with Kudzu being so … Read more

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