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  • Do Sheep Make Good Pets?

    Fluffy lambs are the cutest things on earth, so it’s no wonder you might be tempted to get one as a pet. But lambs don’t stay small forever, and eventually, they become adult sheep. And we all know that sheep are farm animals, right? So, are they really good pets to have in your home? […]

  • Can Sheep Eat Kudzu?

    It’s no secret that sheep enjoy their feed of seeds, grass, and plants. As herbivores, it’s only natural that you’d want to make sure your sheep are eating things that are good for them. With an abundance of kudzu growing all around the country, it’s best to make sure that this particular plant is suitable […]

  • Portion Control: Do Sheep Know To Stop Eating?

    We all know sheep as fluffy cloud-like animals, but do you know how chunky a sheep should actually be? If you’re a new sheep owner, doing your research before you come one, or even just a curious sheep fan, then here’s what you need to know about keeping sheep at a healthy weight. Sheep don’t […]

  • Can Sheep Eat Sunflower Plants and Seeds?

    Can Sheep Eat Sunflower Plants and Seeds?

    Sunflower seeds can be found in most agricultural stores because they make a great treat for lots of farm animals. And you might be wondering if your sheep can enjoy them too. So let’s take a look and see if sunflower seeds and plants are safe for sheep to eat. Sunflower plants and seeds are […]

  • 8 Reasons Sheep Wander Off

    As one of the oldest domesticated species, sheep have been around for a long time. It’s no secret or a surprise that sheep are prone to wandering. It’s literally talked about in the Bible about how sheep just tend to wander off and get lost. But why do sheep wander off? In general, sheep wander […]

  • Can a Sheep Survive a Broken Leg? Tales of Three-Legged Sheep

    Can a Sheep Survive a Broken Leg? Tales of Three-Legged Sheep

    Sheep have a bad rep for being dumb, but they’re really some amazing animals who enrich any homestead or farm. That being said, they can get into trouble from time to time. And sometimes, that injury isn’t minor – it’s a broken leg that may need a cast, a splint, or even amputation. So can […]

  • How Long Can Sheep Go Without Food and Water?

    How Long Can Sheep Go Without Food and Water?

    When you’re planning your backyard homestead, it’s nice to know what the upper and lower limits are for animals – just in case. That way, you’ll know what they can (and can’t) tolerate. So how long can sheep go without food and water? Sheep need to eat daily, or they risk eating something dangerous. Toxic […]

  • Hush Hush: How to Keep Sheep Quiet

    Hush Hush: How to Keep Sheep Quiet

    Keeping livestock is a lot of fun, but it can get noisy. After all, animals make a lot of fun (and crazy) noises. Depending on where you live, it’s important to know how to help keep them quiet, or at least help them not be noisy all the time. How do you help keep sheep […]

  • Should Sheep Eat Bread? Here’s the Thing

    Raising sheep is still a purely theoretical thing at our house. Even so, I’d like to make sure I know what I need to. And a commonly asked question about raising sheep is deceptively simple. Can sheep eat bread? And if so, how frequently can they eat it? Sheep should not eat large quantities of […]

  • How to House Train a Lamb: Complete Step-by-Step Guide

    Lambs are becoming increasingly popular pets – for a good reason. Despite their reputation as shy creatures, well-socialized pet lambs are smart, docile, and loving. However, lambs have different needs than your average cat or dog – especially when it comes to their house training. How do you house train a lamb? Ensure that your […]

  • Here’s How Alpacas Guard Sheep and Lambs

    When you’re considering getting sheep, it’s important to consider how you’ll protect them from the various local predators – including canines. Can an alpaca guard sheep and lambs? How would alpacas guard sheep? Alpacas guard sheep from predators. A single alpaca can protect 50-60 sheep from foxes and a pair of alpacas may protect a […]

  • Do Sheep Get Cold After Shearing?

    Do Sheep Get Cold After Shearing?

    An image of sheep grazing in the forest.