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  • Do Llamas Make Good Pets?

    Do Llamas Make Good Pets?

    While llama fiber isn’t quite at the same level as alpacas, it can still be quite beautiful. And llamas are an interestingly increasingly popular pet of choice, especially for backyard homesteaders. So can llamas be good pets for everyone? Llamas can be great pets due to their calm, social, and easily trained nature, though they […]

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  • How Much Milk Does a Goat Produce Per day? Guide by Breed

    How Much Milk Does a Goat Produce Per day? Guide by Breed

    Milk production is a must if you want your homestead to be sustainable. However, it’s not always practical to have cows on your farm because they need lots of pasture and space. So this makes goats a good alternative when it comes to producing milk. But just exactly how much milk can you expect from […]

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  • Can Goats Eat Kudzu?

    Can Goats Eat Kudzu?

    If you’ve had the privilege of being acquainted with goats, you’ll be familiar with their gluttonous habits. Goats are known to never hesitate when it comes to an opportunity to feed. When there’s grass, weeds, or brush, they will often eat whatever’s in front of them – kudzu included. Goats can and do eat kudzu, […]

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  • Can Sheep Eat Kudzu?

    Can Sheep Eat Kudzu?

    It’s no secret that sheep enjoy their feed of seeds, grass, and plants. As herbivores, it’s only natural that you’d want to make sure your sheep are eating things that are good for them. With an abundance of kudzu growing all around the country, it’s best to make sure that this particular plant is suitable […]

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  • How Much Water Do Chickens Drink Daily?

    How Much Water Do Chickens Drink Daily?

    Water is a vital life source for all living creatures. And this is why it’s essential to get the watering routine of your chickens just right. Because when chickens don’t have constant access to clean water, this can cause many health problems including dehydration. Adult chickens drink an average of one pint of water per […]

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  • Can Chickens Eat Kudzu?

    Can Chickens Eat Kudzu?

    Kudzu, also known as Japanese arrowroot, is a drought-resistant perennial legume that grows by climbing and coiling over other plants and trees. Kudzu has many benefits. You can use it for grazing your livestock temporarily, and it makes good hay. However, is it suitable for poultry, and can chickens eat kudzu? Chickens can eat the […]

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  • Can Alpacas And Llamas Eat Kudzu?

    Can Alpacas And Llamas Eat Kudzu?

    Alpacas and llamas are becoming increasingly popular across the US. This is not just as livestock, where alpacas, in particular, are kept for their super soft wool, but also as pets! If you want to join the ever-increasing numbers of alpaca and llama owners, there’s quite a bit you need to know about what they […]

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  • Do Goats Really Wean Themselves? Guide to Weaning Kids

    Do Goats Really Wean Themselves? Guide to Weaning Kids

    Baby goats are pretty quick developers. And they’ll be nibbling away at solid foods from around two weeks old. As they grow, they’ll start eating more and more solids and drinking less milk. Eventually, they won’t need their mother’s milk anymore. And this transition from milk to solids is known as weaning. Goats will wean […]

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  • Can Pigs Eat Kudzu?

    Can Pigs Eat Kudzu?

    Pigs are omnivores which means that they can enjoy eating a variety of different things. And with Kudzu being so abundant in the USA then it’s only natural that you might be wondering if your pigs can eat it. But before letting your pig eat something new then it’s a good idea to check its […]

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  • How Much Water Do Alpacas And Llamas Drink A Day?

    How Much Water Do Alpacas And Llamas Drink A Day?

    Alpacas and llamas are being increasingly kept across the US. Alpacas are known for being fluffy friendly animals, while their larger camelid cousins the llamas have something of a reputation for spitting at people! Camelids drink between 2-5 gallons per day. Alpacas and llamas may drink more water in extreme weather, when young and growing […]

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  • Alpacas, Llamas, And Predators: The Complete Guide

    Alpacas, Llamas, And Predators: The Complete Guide

    While alpacas and llamas are great pets who can be great guard animals, they are right in the middle of the food chain. This means that they are still vulnerable to predator attacks. So let’s talk about alpacas, llamas, and predators you need to worry about in depth. Alpacas and llamas can protect themselves and […]

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  • 9 Reasons Why Baby Chicks Die

    9 Reasons Why Baby Chicks Die

    It’s never nice when an animal dies, especially if it’s a baby one. Not only is it tragic, but it also leaves you wondering if there was more you could have done as a caregiver. Learning to spot problems early is a vital part of raising baby chicks and by doing this you can prevent […]

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