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  • Do Goats make Good Pets?

    Do Goats make Good Pets?

    Having a pet at home can be just like having a best friend with whom a family can lean on whenever they have problems, and they can also cheer people up with how cute they are. But do goats make good pets? Goats can be great pets for people with the time and resources to […]

  • How Much Milk Does a Goat Produce Per day? Guide by Breed

    Milk production is a must if you want your homestead to be sustainable. However, it’s not always practical to have cows on your farm because they need lots of pasture and space. So this makes goats a good alternative when it comes to producing milk. But just exactly how much milk can you expect from […]

  • Can Goats Eat Kudzu?

    If you’ve had the privilege of being acquainted with goats, you’ll be familiar with their gluttonous habits. Goats are known to never hesitate when it comes to an opportunity to feed. When there’s grass, weeds, or brush, they will often eat whatever’s in front of them – kudzu included. Goats can and do eat kudzu, […]

  • Do Goats Really Wean Themselves? Guide to Weaning Kids

    Baby goats are pretty quick developers. And they’ll be nibbling away at solid foods from around two weeks old. As they grow, they’ll start eating more and more solids and drinking less milk. Eventually, they won’t need their mother’s milk anymore. And this transition from milk to solids is known as weaning. Goats will wean […]

  • Do Baby Goats Need A Heat Lamp?

    Baby goats are loveable and precious! Nurturing them from birth can be super tough, especially when they’re super small. If they’re small enough, then you’re at that point where you’re wondering if your baby goats need a heat lamp in order to survive and thrive. Heat lamps are great warming methods for baby goats but […]

  • How Many Kids Do Goats Have? A Guide To Baby Goats

    Goats are just the best. And when your does are pregnant with even more goats? It’s like getting to celebrate your three favorite holidays all at the same time. But how many kids do goats usually have? Goats have 1-5 kids per pregnancy, with two kids per delivery being the average across all goat breeds. […]

  • 11 Reasons Baby Goats Cry – and What To Do!

    Ever heard a strange sound come from a goat and wondered what that was? Just like humans, goats – and baby goats – can cry, and they’re certainly not shy about doing it. Their cries are undoubtedly loud for a reason: it’s their way of communicating with the herd and you. There are many reasons […]

  • Can Goats Eat Chicken Feed? What You Need to Know Now

    Backyard homesteaders are amazing at space usage – especially if they have a small yard. And we’re experts at keeping compatible livestock in the same space. But then we have to deal with the next steps of the animals getting into each other’s feed. In the case of keeping goats with chickens, can goats eat […]

  • Can Goats Produce Milk Without Being Pregnant?

    Owning livestock, particularly goats, can be an exciting task once you’ve done your homework. It even gets more fun when you can get milk from your goats. Goat milk is a beneficial product, and it’s also a means to make more money. However, one of the questions that might pop up while you’re at it […]

  • Should You Milk a Pregnant Goat? What You Need to Know

    Since the dawn of the civilized world, goats have been an irreplaceable staple on human farms and homesteads. They provide healthy and delicious-tasting milk and help control weeds. It goes without saying that mama goats can be milked with virtually no repercussions, but does the same apply to pregnant goats? Should you attempt to milk […]

  • Can Goats Eat Sunflower Plants and Seeds? Here’s the Thing

    Can Goats Eat Sunflower Plants and Seeds? Here’s the Thing

    If you own goats, or you’ve spent a lot of time with them, you’ll have realized that they have earned their reputation as hungry fellows who’ll try to eat almost anything put in front of them. However, if you’re going to raise goats seriously, it’s important to know how to provide them with proper nutrition […]

  • Should Goats Be Locked Up At Night?

    Should Goats Be Locked Up At Night?

    Goats love to roam freely in the green fields throughout the day, grazing and bleating happily. At night, however, this is where it could get tricky. You may feel as though your goats should be locked up at night, or you may feel like they should still roam free. Which option is better for your […]